Desktop publishing

When you approach new markets or simply want to inform your customers or the general audience of your new products, company news and annual results, you try to impress them by digital and printed documents with artwork and visual graphics to demonstrate your message and unique expertise in a clear and attractive form. The materials you release to the customers are a part of your corporate style and the overall company's image. We help you build and maintain it on a global scale.

You can rely on our experience in multilingual dtp and the cutting-edge software that we use to either preserve the original layout developed by your graphic experts or re-create this design "from-scratch" across a wide range of software applications. We will re-create your documents in other languages without any loss in visual style and will adapt them to the specific language constraints, including fonts, double-byte characters, etc. Our experts support all major dtp formats for both PC and MAC platforms.

We are experts in the following applications:

  • Adobe InDesign®
  • Adobe Illustrator®
  • Adobe PageMaker®
  • Adobe FrameMaker®
  • Adobe PhotoShop®
  • CorelDraw®
  • QuarkXPress®
  • Macromedia Flash®
  • Macromedia FreeHand®
  • AutoCAD®

Though desktop publishing is usually a common part of our workflow, it can be, however, ordered as an independent service. Our streamlined technology has proven its efficiency in handling various types of documents, including annual reports, brochures, catalogues, charts, flyers, manuals and presentations.