Software and web localization

We have been supporting the IT industry with software and web localization solutions starting from the date of our foundation. Gradually, this turned into a powerful know-how and made us a leading localization provider in the region. Our localization processes are managed with the use of the cutting-edge software and the team of in-house programmers, engineers and web application developers with an outstanding experience in the field of information technology.


Software localization is a process of adapting a product to a specific locale, i.e. to its language and cultural items as well as to the needs and expectations of the target market. To reach the global audience, your message, products and services must be carefully tailored to the unique needs of each regional market. We localize software in all major programming languages, including C++, Lua, Ruby, Java, etc., as well as web applications in PHP, Python, PERL, etc. and the supporting documents (EULAs, on-line help, etc.).

Our breadth of resource and the underlying technology quickly add value to your products and maximize return on investment. We use the localization tools that stood the test of time and have a proven efficiency for a wide range of tasks - Alchemy Catalyst®, Passolo® etc. When used in conjunction with translation memory and terminology management systems, they reduce costs and streamline the overall process allowing to craft localization projects that enable customers to excel and reduce the time-to-market.

Whether you need a fully-tailored software or a web-site localization solution or just a partial customization of your product or service, Synergy is ready to provide you with professional advice and consult you on whatever technical issues that may arise. We will suggest optimized budgets and the best schedules to fit in your company's development cycles and preserve the highest quality.