Project management

The key to success in the localization business today is the ability to efficiently manage and share data and resources that are a part of the general workflow. It is, therefore, becoming crucial to adopt customer-focused approaches and take into account wider company processes and the implications of communicating a corporate or commercial message to a worldwide audience. We are excelling at enabling this communication and making it work for you the most efficiently.

The SynPAM® method controls the translation process in order to optimize the actions carried out within, from the very moment you click "Order Now" up until the time when the order is delivered and paid. This method informs managers about the orders placed, connects them with the translators who specialize in the concerned subject, requires them to meet or exceed all of the specified stages in due order, evaluates the deadlines, informs the customer online of all the above, and makes out an invoice according to the provided service. Moreover, SynPAM® has an independent database with secured access that stores information on our customers and all of the delivered projects. When you use our services again, you will not lose any time entering your contact information and signing the agreement again.

We strive to establish and maintain long-term working relationships. Therefore, this method assigns a particular manager to each customer, who will stay in contact with the customer and solve any possible issues concerning the project. If you utilized our services before and now you have a new project, you will work with the same manager and enjoy the same benefit of priority resource allocation for your project.

SynPAM® was created with an included Confidentiality Agreement, which is made with all of our customers – the system has multistage access and data protection modules. Therefore, you can be certain that only you, along with the assigned project manager and involved project executives, will have access to your personal information and project content.

Finally, the work and staff politics of our company are based on the rather flexible system of feedback under SynPAM®. After the project is delivered, you will be able to leave feedback concerning the work carried out by your manager and translator as well as add any other remarks and/or requests.