Quality control

Since its inception, Synergy has been committed to quality issues. That is why we invested much to the development and introduction of a sophisticated quality assurance system based on ISO 9001:2000, which implies high validation standards and a fully integrated and customized service. We integrate our QA policies into the localization process with the best-of-breed applications to provide you with a unique tailored language solution.

Synergy has developed a rigorous procedure for selection of translators, editors and DTP operators to make sure only most reliable professionals join our multinational team. A pre-requisite for anyone working for Synergy is the ability to comply with our stringent quality guidelines and share our work methods. We hire native speakers only to deliver translations that are flawless in terms of style and vocabulary and meet seamlessly with your target audience expectations. In combination with our language technology this brings outstanding results.

Within the framework of our quality assurance system, each translation and localization project undergoes a series of exhaustive language and layout checks. Translations are submitted to proofreading and final language and layout assessment to ensure stylistic, grammatical and terminological consistency of the target material. By introducing the concept of the Quality Check Report, we have provided for the better tracking of quality issues in each individual project and continuous assessment of the expertise and efficiency of our hired staff.

We realize that quality is vital, first and foremost, for maintaining long term cooperation. The close integration between our project management, language technology and quality assurance and the use of the advanced productivity software help us dramatically reduce the probability of human error and deliver a superior quality product to our customers at all times as far as both the language and the layout accuracy are concerned.