Translation technologies

We have been witnessing a major remodeling of the translation business from service into industry, which manages complex processes based on teamwork, leveraging of existing material, and information technology. In this view, Synergy has developed a special language technology to act in a context of larger translation volumes, faster turnarounds, and stricter customization demands. This technology is based on translation memories, terminology databases and format management.

We leverage all existing translations and store them in databases known as translation memories to ensure consistency of our work. Projects have a cumulative effect and a pool of previously translated materials provides an invaluable source of expertise from where suitable translations can be retrieved contributing to the project's overall efficiency in terms of speed and quality. TM technology safeguards your company's intellectual property: having once invested to the localization of your product, you will be benefiting continuously from this investment.

Undoubtedly, sound and consistent use of terminology lies at the very foundation of any effective authoring and translation effort. For this purpose, we have introduced the state-of-the-art terminology management software to import terminology from various sources - be they simple spreadsheets or proprietary glossary formats - and use it consistently in all relevant materials. In case ready-to-use termbases are not available, we will fill them in for you. In conjunction with the translation memory system, this helps to dramatically increase the quality of the final output.

Thanks to our extensive support for all major electronic formats, we are able to apply our language technology to whatever materials supplied to us be they electronic documents or hard copies. We import data into independent formats to streamline interaction with translation memories and terminology databases and export translations to whatever format you may need, including a wide range of DTP formats.

For a list of the languages that we offer, see Working languages